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Connecting a Streaming TV player to your TV is easy. Almost as easy as connecting up a DVD or Blu-ray player.  In addition to making connections for the audio and video you need to connect your internet up to the streaming player and then run the streaming players set up program.

First you have to determine what kind of connections your streaming player has. The basic connection is the RCA 3 jack plug - Yellow for Video, Red and White for audio.  Simply match up these connections with the input connections to your TV. 

Some of the higher end players have composite video connections for the video. These are three connections that look similar to the RCA jacks. The 3 jacks are labeled Red, Blue and Green.  You match these connections to your TV if it has them. Most newer TV sets do. Keep in mind that these 3 composite connections are for the video only. You will still need to connect the 2 RCA Red and White jacks for the audio.

All newer TV's and streaming players that support 1080p have HDMI connections. The nice thing about HDMI is that it carries the video and audio signal all in one cable. The disadvantage is that HDMI cables can be expensive.

Which one to use?  If you have an HDMI connection on your streaming player and your TV you will get the best performance using it.  However, if you don't have a spare HDMI connection on your TV the second choice is composite video. Honestly I can't tell the difference using HDMI or Composite. In my case my TV only has 2 HDMI connections and our gaming console gets one and our Blu-ray player gets the other so the streaming player gets the composite connections.

Once you get your streaming player connected to your TV you will need to connect it to your high speed internet service.  All of the streaming players I have seen are Wi-Fi capable. This makes connecting to your internet as easy as connection up your laptop. One thing I have found that makes for a better streaming TV experience is that your Wi-Fi router should be what they call an N-router or better.  If you are using Wi-Fi the set up will be part of the power up and set up of the streaming player.  Be sure you know your routers name and password as you will need them to get the Wi-Fi set up and working properly. If you don't have Wi-Fi you will connect your streaming player directly to your internet router using a network cable. Connecting up to your internet router with a network cable is actually easier as you don't need to know anything about the router, however using Wi-Fi is a lot more convenient as your TV and streaming player don't have to be with cable distance of each other.

When you have everything connected it's time to power up your TV and streaming player, making sure you have your TV set up for the input port that your streaming box is connected to. Your streaming player will have an initial set up screen. Follow the set up and within a few minutes you will be ready to start enjoying streaming TV.  Depending you your streaming player you will have several built in apps that will easily connect you to some streaming TV providers. Almost all of them require you to set up accounts. Many are free, some charge a monthly fee some charge per viewing similar to you renting a video at RedBox. Most streaming players have a built in web browser so you can visit other streaming TV sites that may not have built in apps in your player. Many of the big TV networks such as ABC provide streaming TV from their web sites. The History Channel, Discovery Channel and other are starting to provide streaming TV services.  At this moment in time streaming TV is evolving with battles between the Networks, Cable TV providers and Content producers are going on. As more and more people shift to streaming TV more and more programming will become available. I think we will also see some quality independent programming become available as the control over the distribution of programming is no longer control by big business.

Below is a collection of YouTube video's that will help you connect and set up your streaming TV players. YouTube has a lot of review videos of streaming players. If you don't know which one you should get I would start out watching a few video reviews and go from there.

Setting you a Roku Player:


Setting up your Sony SMP-N200 streaming player


Setting up your Boxee Streaming player


Setting up your Netgear Neo TV Streaming player


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